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Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung the grass has riz I wonder where the race car is


Bridge County Raceway

I love going to Bridge County Raceway the are so glad to see you at their track. Although we didn’t place in the top of the pack we learned more about the car and how to set it up. Pierre also was able to talk to another driver on different ways to drive this frame.

Pierre said in an email “The track was very rough and not enough seat time, the chassis did not handle at all and a lack of experience from the driver. We ran towards the back all evening. But the good news is the car is still in one piece and we learned a lot.”

On the way home after the race Glenn was bragging saying how well the truck was running and that we hadn’t had any trouble with anything as we were half way up the Lethbridge hill we herd a large pop and hissing I could smell antifreeze. The temp went up and the power went down we thought we had blown a rad hose we pulled over and everyone got out (except me I didn’t see the point of me going to look I don’t know the first thing about engines) to look and try and find what was wrong. They ascertained that it wasn’t a rad hose that it might be the turbo thingy and we should keep going. After about 30 km of black smoke and a ¼ of the fuel, so we pulled over again and pulled the air filter out and found a hole in the turbo hose. They put racing tape over the hole and zip ties. worked like a new one. Arrived home after 2:00 a.m.

look at the car

look at the car

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Great Night

Just look at the car! ya I know you can’t tell that it was wrecked three weeks ago.

What a great night it was, in the first heat Pierre came in 5th the second heat he won. In the main the car was so hooked up (ok I don’t really know what that means but that’s what they tell me when the car races well) we came in second.

we placed 4th in the first heat

We’re going to race to day

The guys were getting the car ready last night getting the last nuts and bolts tightened and the decals of the sponsors on. I knew that the decals did not go well when I had to go to http://www.signcraftdigital.com/and pick up another Big Brothers and Big Sisters decal that goes in the center of the wing with this note on it.

Technical Note:


The cool kids

The cool kids

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Pierre is in the red race suit not one of the cool kids



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Thought he was late.